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7 Essential Tips for Creating Curb Appeal Before Listing and Selling Your Home

Before putting your home on the market in Virginia, you’ll want to ensure that the exterior of the home is appealing to potential buyers.

Whether located in Great Falls, McLean, Reston, or any other nearby Northern Virginia city, the outside of your home is usually what buyers will see first in person and online.

So, to get more people interested in looking further inside, make sure to follow these essential tips to help create curb appeal.


1. The Featured Image

The front exterior photo is always the most important image. It’s what buyers will usually see first on real estate sites such as CastleMap and Zillow when searching for local homes for sale.

Do whatever it takes to make the outside area and yard of the home more appealing — even if that means getting your hands dirty or hiring some help.


2. Hire a Photographer

Obviously, you’re going to need a camera. And while the one on your phone is great, having a professional with their own equipment take the photo around noon when the sun is overhead will be even better.


3. Clear a Path

Before the shoot, trim all trees and bushes on your property to get a clear view of the house. If the property is on a large lot, have an extra aerial photo taken using a drone camera.


4. Landscaping

Never have any dead plants or trees on your property. New bushes, fresh mulch, and cut grass will give the impression that a house is well maintained throughout.


5. The Garage

Installing a new garage door will give you a good return on investment. It is one of the first things buyers see when they approach the house.

Always put cars and trash cans in the garage. And if there’s no space, declutter the garage and throw away items which are no longer useful.


6. The Driveway

Although not necessary, if you have the time and budget, sealing the driveway with fresh asphalt also helps breathe new life into an old home’s exterior.

Having a rough drive to your property will be a rough start for potential buyers — and one less thing with cracks in it that they won’t have to worry about fixing is always a plus that could seal the deal!


7. The Front Door

And while you might not need to re-paint your entire home, a freshly painted front door with new hardware is one of the easiest things you can do and will make a great first impression when buyers enter your home.