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7 Secrets to Selling Your Home in Virginia for the Best Price

1. Make the House Appeal to as Many Potential Buyers as Possible

The more buyers who see the property, the better your chances of getting the best price.

Most home buyers in Virginia want a house in move-in condition.  So as a seller, you should get rid of anything in the house the buyer don’t need to use.


2. Consider Getting a Professional Stager

The goal of showing an open house is to keep the house furnished while still making it look like it’s not currently being lived in.

With homes in Great Falls, McLean, and other surrounding Northern Virginia areas selling for millions of dollars, the little extra money spent on a stager is well worth the investment.

A professional stager can cost as little as several hundred dollars for a consultation. They can then help advise on the perfect furniture placement and decorating.

If the stager provides all the furniture then the cost can be several thousand dollars per month.


3. Have the Whole House Freshly Painted

The best and almost necessary thing a seller can do is have the whole house painted with a fresh new coat.

Everything inside and outside that has been painted should be painted a neutral color.  Remember, not everyone has the same taste.

All rooms and closets should be painted the same color.  Light beige or light gray with white trim is recommended.

Decks should be power washed and stained. The walkway, porch, patio and siding should all also be power washed.


4. Try to Quickly Sell Anything You No Longer Need

It’s easy to get rid of things you don’t need quickly on Craigslist, eBay, or by having a yard sale.

A local marketplace like Craigslist is also great because most of the time the buyer will even come pick the item up from you and save you the trouble of moving and extra shipping costs.

If you can’t sell the small item quickly and it’s not worth the hassle of moving, then it’s probably best to donate or just throw it away. Goodwill, Purple Heart, or any number of charitable organizations will likely take the item in question.

Putting personal property in temporary storage is another option and a good way to declutter the house. By placing large furniture or extra chairs in storage it will help make your rooms and house appear larger.


5. Make a Good First Impression

If the buyer sees things they don’t like when they are walking up to the front door, they are less likely to buy. The goal is to have the buyer wanting the house from the start of the viewing.

Good curb appeal starts with the landscaping.  Trees and bushes should be trimmed and old overgrown bushes close to the house should be replaced.

Fresh mulch should be placed around the bushes and trees close to the house.

An asphalt driveway should be resealed. Replacing an old garage door or front door can be a good return on investment for the seller too.


6. The Kitchen is One of the Most Important Rooms in a House

A lot of buyers today want granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances.  But it is not necessary to buy high end appliances just to sell.

White cabinets are recommended as the popular choice right now.  And some cabinets can be professionally painted to look brand new —  everyone prefers new if possible.

Hardwood floors in the kitchen and on the entire main level is very appealing and recommended. If the hardwood floors are old they should be refinished to give the property a modern vibe.


7. Any New Improvements to Bathrooms, Carpets, and Windows Will Increase the Value of the House

A minimum requirement to selling your house would be to replace old bathroom faucets and light fixtures.

New neutral carpet should always be installed before putting the house up for sale.

The last step to getting ready to show is to have the whole house, including the windows, cleaned by a professional service.